Ui.Conditional Input Node


Hello everybody,
i’ve seen the new Data-shapes node called Ui.Conditional Input Node.
It is really nice, i managed to make it work but i want to make an optimization in my UI.

The code in dynamo is as follows…

When i run the graph it goes like this:

My question is: when i run the code i have 6 dropdowns… i would like it to appear only 3.
So when the user select the option “1 Camada” the input makes the user uses the first dropdown.
When the user select the option “2 Camadas” the input makes the user uses the first and the second dropdown.

I’ll attach the graph.
Thanks everybody for your help!
Dynamo FOrum.dyn (20.9 KB)


I should think that it would work like so:

This yields this:

Sorry, misunderstood your issue, but do not believe the conditional data node supports multiple selections (correct me if I’m wrong @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi)


Hi @ramoon.bandeira ,
that’s a good one! @Jonathan.Olesen is correct so far you can’t include inputs in more than one option but let me see what I can do about that :wink: .
Will let you know when I have something working. I the meantime, Here’s a little workaround to dynamically generate the right amount of inputs:

Dynamo FOrum mod.dyn (41.3 KB)


That solved the problem for now!