Data-Shapes Conditional Input Node

I’m having trouble getting the Conditional Input node from the Data-shapes package to work. I can’t get the radio buttons to be preselected. Also regardless what radio button is selected the outputs are returned for each of the inputs with no indication of what button was selected.

Ideally only one output would be generated along with which radio button was selected

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Are you trying to set radio buttons for whether the user gets a slider or text input? I would set that up as two separate InputForms. The radio buttons would return an index 0 or 1 and then you could use that index to get the correct option for the next InputForm.

This was just an example. Its just that this node doesn’t seem to have any real effect. In my actual script I’m already doing this I just don’t want to keep sending users to a new dialog each time they make a selection. I also want to be able to utilize a few of these on a single dialog so the end user can make several selections at one time

I know this is old, but probably you need an integer as default index…not 0.000