Type Parameters

Hi all.

This might be a silly question, but are you not abel to set the value of a parameter in type properties through Dynamo?
Like the “Model” parameter.


In Dynamo, you have to distinguish between the Family Instance and the family type (or family symbol). You are likely trying to set the type parameter of a family instance, but what you need to to is first get the family symbols of the selected family instances, and then set the parameters of the family symbol. See attached image:


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Thanks Ben

I actually figured it out, just with the “Element.Type” node from packages Clockwork, but thank you for the example it makes alot of sense now! :slight_smile:

im kinda new to this whole dynamo thing, but im trying to change some type parameters like you are doing, but i can´t seem to find the node “family.instance.symbol”. So i wanna ask if this has been changed to a new node?

Im currently running vesion

Sorry for the confusion - it’s called “FamilyInstance.Type” now instead of FamilyInstance.Symbol". The new name makes more sense for existing Revit users, but i learned it as .Symbol and old habits dies hard…