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Hi everybody,

I’m currently working with Dynamo on a project. I’m an architecte student and we try to combinate Family (made with Revit) and organisation/management of thoses family with DYNAMO.
Here comes my problem :

-When I associate my Family type to a point, I get in Dynamo my family with the parameters I’ve set in Revit.
-If I extract with “Element.GetParameterValueByName” the “Hauteur” (Height) from the foot of my family, I get the value I’ve set when I created the family in Revit.
-When I use the “Element.SetParameterByName”, I’m also glad to see I can change the value for this parameter with a slider. So far, no problem.

What I want is to propose several “families” in Dynamo/Revit by changing one or many parameters with sliders.(For instance, I imagined that the size of the “foot” would be function from the distance to the floor).
But What I get is the modification on all families! They all take the new value, even if they are not attached to the new set parameter. You can see that on the Screenshot.
So I understand that it’s interesting to change on time the value and get it everywhere, but it’s not what I search. Have someone here any ideas, how I could solve this problem?

Apologize for my English, it’s not my MotherLangage !
Thank for your time


Problème Paramètre Famille

You are changing a type parameter. Obviously that will affect all instances of that type in your model. If you don’t want that, use an instance parameter.

Do a google search for “revit type instance” - that should provide you with enough background on the subject.

Thanks for the lectures! I have a better idea about type and Instance now. The thing is that I have no idea how to get the Instance Parameter in Dynamo. I only have acces to the Type ones.

Do you know wich Nodes I should take for that?

Family Types -> All Elements of Family Type will get you all the instances of a particular family type.


Sorry, I’m answering late, I just wanted to say that it worked fine, and in case some other users would have the same question, here is what I’ve done to fix my problem :

I decided in my RevitFamily wich parameters are “Type parameters” and wich ones are “Instance Parameter”.

  • I wanted each elements from a type could have different Length (“Abris_Largeur”).
  • I created 3 elements from the same type and I choosed the “Element.Set.ParameterByName” to load the Length parameter (here : Abris_Largeur")
  • Because it’s an Instance parameter, I could change the value for each elements I had.

Thanks again for the help!

Dynamo Help_ScreenShot

Glad it worked out for you. Here’s how you could make your graph a little more efficient using lists:


Ahah ! Yes, I should have cleaned up the nodes…looks stupid from here now. But I love Dynamo for that, you can be “stupid” and still come to the point you wanted! Then, more you are clever, less you have nodes on your Workspace !

Thank you for the short form, I’ll use it!

PS : How do I change the topic from “needHelp” to “Solved”?

There should be a drop-down option under your first post :slight_smile:

Done !