Revit, Change Family Parameter data from Type to Instance

Hello Everyone,

Like the Title says, I am wondering if there is a way I am able to change the a parameter in a family from Type to instance?

For example, if I have a Duplex receptacle that has an apparent load parameter set to Type, but I want to change it to instance, is there a way I could do this?

I am very new to Dynamo, hoping someone already has a solution.

I’m stuck at this point, I can see what is Type and What is Instance how can I change one of the parameters and make it type or instance??

Thank you!

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Did you ever figure out if this was possible?

As a starting point would I say it is doable, however, it might include that the conversion is done inside the family. Meaning you need to open the families and work on the parameters from there.
I have nodes for parameters inside a family in my package.