Set type parameter of system family


I finally got to test drive Dynamo today and am super excited about it. I apologize for my terminology, but I’m not a programmer. I was wondering if it is possible to change the value of system family type parameter? For example, if I wanted to change the type mark parameter of a ceiling or floor. I know it’s not hard to do in Revit but I’m wondering if Dynamo can do it anyway.

Also, it it possible to list a ceiling family’s parameters and then turn the parameter names into a string? Im trying to override ceiling surface colors based on type and height.

Thank you!

Override Family URL Parameters

These aren’t the nodes you are looking for… 10


Thank you, those nodes work, but require a little bit more effort than I was hoping. I was hoping that instead of typing the name of the parameter in a string node, that there would be a way to select a parameter in a list and then pass the selection into the “parameter name” port. Guess I’m lazy…:slight_smile: Thank you!