Turn off specific RVT links in View template

Often we will add a revit link mid project for coordination and I want to be able to turn it off in all view templates. I have figured out how to turn off ALL linked files in view templates. However I want to turn off a specific revit link in the templates.

I’ve never seen those View Type and Views.GetByType nodes. Are they part of a package? They seem useful!

As for your question, I can’t seem to find any node for that particular setting. Only workaround I can think of is to (somehow?) create a view filter for that specific revit link and to use the View.ToggleFilterInView rhythm node on all your view templates.

Use Element.OverrideInView instead. Then you just need to filter the specific link instance you’re looking for.

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Archilab, I seem to use their nodes in most of my graphs!

I don’t know if View Templates can override the unload feature
It seems a one-click solution to me

Nick, this gets me in the right direction but I don’t know how to get a revit link in the form of a graphics override that this node needs.

Marcel, I don’t want to unload. I want the linked model to show up, I just want to turn it off in all my view templates.

I misread your post the first time. Element.OverrideInView hides the input element in the active view. For multiple views you would have to use View.HideElements from ArchiLab. Again, this only works for Views, not View Templates. The API does not currently allow for modifying the RVT Links portion of a View Template, which is what you would need to do. You will either have to make these changes to the View (without a template) or make them manually.

Edit: Another option would be to put the link on its own workset and default the workset to not show in views.

View templates are treated like views from what I can see. I was able to turn off the specific revit link in the view template. I even created a new view that had the link, when I applied the template it turn off.
However the view template shows the link as turned on which could confuse users.

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Hi @Evan.Pond,

I’m also trying to find a solution for this problem. Each time I load a new rvt link I have to modify every view template.
I didn’t find the node “View.SetElementOverrides”. From wich package does it come from?

Thank you.

The “View SetElementOverrides” node is from the Genius Loci package.

Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner
I have this package installed but I don’t find this node. Maybe I have to download the last version.

HI @Evan.Pond,

Do you know why is it taking the sub-check box with the number instead of taking the general check box?
See image in attached


It’s all just part of the name of that link. It looks the same for me and still functions.
I’m not currently using this because when I look at the template it stays checked even though it is turned off.
So what I have works I just don’t like the usability of it. Also pull down lists tend to differs between 2018 and 2020 so when possible I avoid them. But now saying that, I realized my solution here doesn’t fix than… So back to the pull down.

to hide a Revit Link in view (Visibility / Graphics), it’s necessary to get the Type (RevitLinkType) of RevitLinkInstance


That works! The box is now unchecked and works the way I wanted thanks!

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Hi all,

Is it possible to set underlay?


I do not believe this has been exposed in the API.

Suggestion for work around here:


Thank you for sharing, will watch that forum maybe I can do it that way.