Controlling Revit links in view template using Dynamo?

Hi, I am working on Revit for so many years but I am very much annoyed by updating view templates for plans,sections when there are unnecessary elements crop up from Linked Revit models. It becomes very tedious process for me all the time for one view template it consumes lot of time to update a view by hiding all the unnecessary elements from Links.

Here what I want to to do in Revit when applying a view template to a particular view.
After creating a particular template for a view, I would like to hide, reference lines , scope boxes, grids, levels from other linked models at a time. For example, if I am working on a model in which ten other Linked models are attached, I have to select each and every link and customize it where I need to spend time hiding Scope boxes, reference planes, Grids etc from each linked model.

I would like to know if there is any programming available in Dynamo to control this process.

Linked Model properties are not available via the API so no you can’t do this in Dynamo.

Other things like Category overrides or Filters are exposed so its possible to automate that part.

Thank you Konrad_K_Sobon for your kind reply. I will look at for other alternative within Revit and I would love to hear from you more on Dynamo which helps in eliminating some tedious repeated work in Revit.

can you all please vote for this!


@Konrad_K_Sobon, are Linked Model properties available yet via the API so that linked view properties can be manipulated with Dynamo?

no. it’s been a decade that people have been asking for this (even before this forum). I think you should mention it to Autodesk.

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i did it, sorry konrad :), by merging viewtemplates (not a method but a work around)
please check if this works for you

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Hi Everyone, i am working with an external company and the Modeller are using Work sets as Layers, a nightmare, is there a way to have one View Template setup and repeat these Work sets automatically between View Templates.

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