Transfer "V/G Override Revit Links" configuration include by view template from project to project


We have created a workflow to apply some view templates and override the workset configuration in the link tabs (inside view template tabs/options), and in second step, apply the original view template (this ones have the rvt link configuration include check empty).

So, we have created, on a base empty project, view templates for each possible floor, which only have the revit link configuration checked. We would want to transfer this view templates from the base project to every project we need, but we have realised that revit don’t preserve the workset configuration of the links in the link tab.

This way to get that done actually works in our example file, but at the moment we transfer standards from the base project the view template lose the original configuration on the revit links tabs.

We know we have different links on each project (with the same file name), and with different IDs. But it’s not possible to create the override template on every project,we can’t afford configurate each floor on each project individually.

Does exist some way to preserve this configuration options (revit links tab) project to project? Or does exist a way to configurate easy and fast in every project this revit link tab?

We are aware that if we close or open worksets from the main file, and this worksets have the same name that the worksets from the linked files, the linked files “copy” the configuration despite of by host view configuration. But this isn’t an option, because it will close some other disciplines that we need open.

In our base project we have loaded links, with the same file name structure as we have in every single project, and inside every link, the same workset structure as we have in every file.

Example of links loaded: ARQ, STR, MEP.
Example of worksets created in links loaded: P00, P01, P02, etc.

Find attached the workflows and .rvt example files we used:

OverrideLINK_FirstStep.dyn (8.4 KB)

OverrideLINK_SecondStep.dyn (18.6 KB)
ApplyViewTemplate_FromPrefix.xlsx (8.9 KB)
ExamplePROJECT.rvt (1.1 MB)
ExampleLINK.rvt (1.1 MB)

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