Tag location workaround

I had trouble with Tags going in the wrong places. (Electrical Equipment with circuits and shared Families… don’t know why.)

This is my workaround solution to get the tags placed at the elements’ locations:


Ran into the same issue as you did with the Create Annotation Tag node. I think this node is deprecated, depending on which version of Dynamo you’re running off of. I’m currently using 1.2.1 Dynamo, and it includes a native node called Tag.ByElement. It performs the same function as the Create Annotation Tag.

Here’s a initial build, just fill in the remainder of the code to your liking:

Note: On the isOffset, you need to set the boolean to false, such that it uses the coordinates you give it as the tagging location, and not the amount of offset from the object’s centerpoint.

To actually determine which tag dynamo will use with this node, you need to set the default tag in revit for that category. Go to the Annotate Tab in Revit, and click the Tag dropdown in the Tag section of the toolbar, and select “Loaded Tags and Symbols”. Scroll down to the Electrical Equipment category and specify the default tag for it.

Run the script and it will use that tag.

I had the problem/bug with just regular Revit 2015 tagging. Solved the problem with Dynamo; hence, wanted to share.

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