Place annotations using Dynamo

I’m trying to create annotations automatically using Dynamo by automatically annotating the beam elevation using the pre-defined beam parameters. See in the image above.

Can somebody help me please?

Thanks ahead.


Have you seen this?

I have been trying something similar for MEP models, but the hardest part is the strategy for determining the tag locations and avoiding overlapping tags. (If you still have to check and move them all there is limited benefit from automating tag placement).

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yeah, i’ve seen that… but i’m still having difficulty in finding a way to create the tag i wanted.

The main issue that i really need help is how to create a Leader/Tag that looks exactly as highlighted below.

The process would probably be to get the three points required to define the leader line, then draw the text from the beam parameter. Do you know any node in Dynamo than can do this?