Trouble with creating annotations

I’m having problems getting elements to tag with dynamo. I am trying to place tags on fabrication parts. I can’t get either the Tag.ByElement OOTB node or the Create Annotation Tag archilab node to work. The OOTB node just errors out and the archilab node reads back

File “< string >”, line 130, in < module >
AttributeError: ‘Document’ object has no attribute ‘NewTag’

I think it may be because I am trying to tag fabrication parts, which a not .rfa families. Has anybody had any success using either of these nodes with fabrication parts? I think my graph is set up correctly, am I missing something?

(ignore that both tag nodes are hooked up at once, I just did this to show both errors in one image, the behave the same when only one tagging node is hooked up)


Which version of Revit do you use ?
NewTag has been replaced by IndependantTag in the latest version of the Revit API.

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I switched to Create Independent Tag from GeniusLoci and it placed the tags. The Tag.ByElement node started working too. (which doesn’t make sense to me why it would.) I think it will do what I want now. I’m going to meddle with it and make sure it continues to work as expected after I keep tweaking the graph. Then I’ll come back and mark this as a solution. Thanks.

Hi Guys. I am new to dynamo and I tried to write the same dynamo. I ended up with different nodes such as boundingbox.midpoint and create tag. Also there is an issue with select model element. Can anyoine guide me though this