Trouble writing to Excel

HI all,

I have been playing with a graph and am having issues writing it to Excel in the format I want. Basically, this graph will create 3 x lists
List 1 = Detail Lines
List 2 = Detail Families
List 3 = Text Notes

Each list will have headings
View Name + Line Style
View Name + Detail Family
View Name + Text Note

The issue is, when i run this, it only creates and excel with the first line of each list.
Ultimately i would like to create a separate sheet in the excel for each list, but i am having real issues with the nodes to do that.

I have attached the graph and the excel and if there is anyone who can help me, it would be appreciatedDesireddetail stuff.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Find Detail Items.dyn (31.8 KB)


I can’t take a look right now but this workflow could help:

Try getting it to work with one sheet for one list first. Creating multiple sheets will be much easier once you have the list structure worked out.

Make sure your lists are correct in Dynamo before writing to excel. The excel input can only be a 2D list, anything else won’t come in correctly. One item per column, one sublist per row.

I can get it to work with a single list and with two lists, when I add the third list it fails.

Your third list contains actual Revit elements. You’ll want to export strings, numbers or booleans only.


Brilliant!! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Now i just need to work out how to get each list on a different tab. I have treid the Bumblebee nodes, but am having issues.

You’ll need to pass a list of three sheet names