Combine three lists to write to excel

I am creating a graph to read most parameters of mechanical equipment. I have three lists one for the unique id, one for type mark and one for all other parameters. I have gotten it to the list.transpose to show the way I would like it to write to excel but when I wire that to the data of excel.writetofile it gives me 1356 items and changes the lists some how. Does anyone know why?

I only want to write the 520 items from the list.transpose node to excel. Essentially take the unique id list as index 0, type mark as index 1 and then all other parameters as index 3 thru the end.

Can you share the revit file and the graph?

Here is my Revit file and graph.

It has changed slightly has I have been working on it. I need help figuring out why List.Map changes when it gets plugged in as data to the Excel.WriteToFile.

What I am trying to do is export the List.Map so that I have one column for each parameter of the equipment. Essentially inserting 0 List thru 8 to the front of the 2 List and writing it to Excel.

I am struggling to figure out why the Excel.WriteToFile changes to 1350. For some reason it is creating lists of all 3 lists at the max 50 items of list 3. I think I am missing a node between List.Map and Excel.WriteToFile.

ParametersExport.dyn (14.2 KB)
TestProj.rvt (1.7 MB)

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You might be missing a list.flatten after your list.transpose, You want the data to all be on the same level before going into the excel node. Here is what my graph looks like, for the purposes of the example I’m using floors.

Here is my excel output.

Let me know if this helps!

Additionally, if you wanted headers for your columns.

Yep, that worked. Thank you!

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You’re very welcome!