Trouble with SectionView.ByBoundingBox




I am new to this Dynamo forum. I have been trying to figure out some issues with the bounding box and creating Section view nodes.

My approach started with Grasshopper in which I created simple edge lines that are translated via CSV files to be recreated in Dynamo. I then took these edges(lines) and used Curve.PlaneAtParameter node to generate the CS plane needed to create my section cuts.

However, once I place any form of geometry along these lines and oriented to the planes, I cannot get the bounding box to behave as the geometries are being shown. Generally, I find that the section view cuts are parallel to the plane, but the cut plane is not in the correct location and displays more than what the geometries are shown in the screenshot.

Perhaps, someone has a better understanding of how to control the bounding box + section view nodes. Any guidance, would greatly be appreciated, thank you.