Get Bounding Box, and Coordinate system of Section Views


Familiar with Grasshopper, very new to Dynamo, slightly new to Revit.
Can anyone direct me to a forum that explains how to get the bounding box data of a Section View?
I am trying to isolate the geometry inside a section view. I figured I would calculate which geometry centerpoints are inside the section view’s boundaries, but cannot figure out how to get any information about the section views to work with.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious?

The BoundingBox.ToCuboid node creates geometry with accessible data, but it aligns the box to the global coordinate system and centers it to the global origin. (Also would prefer not to use this slow node and just get the bounding box data without having to translate it to geometry). How do I find the section view’s coordinate system, and where the section view’s center is?

There are some packages that work with bounding boxes and sections, but the ones I have tried are broken/outdated. For example Bimorph. Is there a working package?

Is there a different way I can get the geometry that is in a section view?

Also would be sooo down to do any of this in PythonScript.

Thank youuuuu

Hi @jo.climbing,

You can use the View CropBox node of the Genius Loci package to obtain a bounding box from a section view.


Thank you so much! What a useful package!

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