View Section Node Help

Hey everyone!


Been having a devil of a time getting the View Section Node to work.


Any examples or pointers? I think I’m feeding it a Bounding Box, but it refuses to go.



Have you tried it first in a simpler situation? I can't quite parse your dyn file as it depends on the values of some families to generate transformations.


Thanks for the reply! I did look at the Samples>Transforms files, and elsewhere, and now I've tried applying your example above, and it still doesn't seem to move / change the bounding box at all. I'm trying to feed the dimensions and location of the object to be bound to, to create Dynamo Axo Views of it, but the bounding box continues to have its origin at the centroid of the object in question, despite my having applied a transform that I "think" should move the origin of the bounding box so that the resulting Bbox would be centered on, but outside of the object in question. Basically, trying to do what the Grasshopper Bounding Box would do...

Hi William

The bounding box takes a transform, which is a little different from an XYZ to place it. Take a look in the Help>Samples>Transforms for some other examples of transform. But here generally what this would look like with bounding box

Zach, I've looked all over and haven't found any better documentation on this bounding box issue - how can one create a bounding box somewhere other than at 0,0,0? Seems like a dumb question, but I've tried a number of things and can't get any traction. The screenshot of my def and the file itself are below, though note that there's a lot of other stuff going on there too...

Although I'm looking at this and realizing that the section node needs a naming input like the other View creation nodes . . .

Hi Jeffrey,

Can you send an image of your setup for view section node. This is just a quick one I made up to take a look, seems to work. For the transform, I'm just placing it at 0,0,0, but you will be doing some more interesting transforms. Take a look at these for more examples: