Trouble with "element.geometry" on large models

Hi guys,
My Revit closes when I try to use “Element.geometry” on large models, before i want to export to SAT…
Any good ways to “not make Revit die” when making the solids ?


I had that once with a model with errors in it. (Duplicate items in the same place)
Can you check?

You could also export it in chunks to multiple SAT files instead of all of it into a single sat file.

Or use a few Remember nodes from Project Refinery to pull sets of geometry into the Dynamo environment, remember the geometry, and then remove the need to interact with Revit when you make your sat.

Dynamo has difficulties working with large numbers. Have you tried switching your revit units to meters, prior to opening dynamo? That’s usually the best option. There’s the Geometry Scaling option under settings but that’s a mixed bag…

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Hi guys,
all of your replies was great! The solution is a mix of tour inputs! Thanks! :slight_smile: