Revit Element Selection and Showing into Dynamo

Hello. I know it may be a bit basic question. and I know generally people draw elements in Revit with the help of Dynamo. But I have a Revit model and I want its all elements in Dynamo. Is it possible? Should I explode one by one in Revit firstly? I used select elements node and I could manage to bring element IDs in Dynamo but I could not make the whole shape in Dynamo with element.geometry node. How can I make it happen? What is my mistake? Thank you.

Hello…and welcome…as i understand will you rebuild the whole model in dynamo with…element.geometry/element.solids ? yes it should be possible, but will probably be a very heavy task, depends on how big your model is…can i ask what the goal is here ??

thank you for the answer. actually, I only want a part of Revit model in dynamo. For example only two floors and its columns. then I will play with it in Dynamo. Maybe I may change some properties, material types. I used element.geometry but nothing happened. Actually, I started only with one element but I even could not bring it on Dynamo.

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Ahh OK sorry. here is a few thing you could try to check…what does element geometry gives you ? have you tried to zoom in out ? is background preview turned on ?

I tried all of them but element geometry gives nothing. I don’t know why. This is the properties of the element.

Which categori is “Bestandsbrucke” ? and can you show the preview list at element geometry node