Failed Getting Element Geometry

So im working at structural model file, im now running a simple flow to getting all elements geometry from active view.

Heres the look of the revit project

(i cant change visual style and detail level)

And heres whats the dynamo looks like.

the issue its missing some objects like floors, structural framing and others whereas it should be rendered the geometries… Is there anybody know whats causing this, or how to solve it.

I needed the floors because i want to proceed the geometries to VASA nodes.

Thanks in advance! ,

i had a similar issue i wanted compare Architecture vs structural elements… at the end i was not able to solve it. At least you can filter out the “corrupt” elements.

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Is the geometry scaling set to medium?


its working on extra large geometry scaling


OH, I’ve just set scaling to medium and it works.

But, i have an problem. So, i make a dynamo file that will run at differents project with this one dynamo. by using pyrevit tabs

With this scaling issue, every project has different scaling to work this dynamo… how do i overcome this problem…

It should always work on medium. Ignore any warnings about geometry scaling - they are misnomers generally.


ah, heres the example… so i just can ignore it?

That’s information, not a warning, nor an error.

Information: Let’s you know something might be limiting in the future.
Warning: Let’s you know something seems off, but might be fine.
Error: Let’s you know things are broken.