Model with big coordinates, element.geometry fails

Dear all,
I’m working on a graph to provide openings on floors where there is a clash with a pipe. My prototype is working alright on a trial model however on a real model I’m having a hard time.

Shared site is being used on a project of ours and coordinates are huge numbers. I tried all options of the geometry working range, I switched project units to meters however, Element.Geometry node or element.Geometry() in a python script do not work at all.

I’ve searched the forum and I see that this issue is experienced by others as well. Did someone managed to find a way to make it work? Thanks

my guess is that this has to do with specific geometry or the element there is actually null…
can you share more info on what geometry is failing to be converted?

Hello @Serhan_Bakir

May be you can try the Geometry Scaling feature from Settings, adjust Geometry Scaling based on your geometry values.

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