Trimming Geometry line element


Do we have any node to trim a line or polycurve ? how can i trim the line ?

What is different from the last time you asked the same question?

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for asking…i am working on a autocad sript and come to know from the last post that we have to explode the geometry and then trim it. But the problem is i cannot continue the script as it only trim the curve and also it trim the first or last item as per that logic of explode.

So asking some experts help to find a way to trim the lines or polyline and any autocad operation is difficult without trim of line or polyline. Hope this explanation helps.

If any of the expert out there have a way around to trim the lines then please pass it on or if anyone have any python code for trimming the line/polyline.

This will do the trick:

Note that the last code block is just for display purposes. You’ll want to grab either the first or last line (depending on which side you wanted to discard).

Thanks @JacobSmall for the solution and apologies for posting on multiple thread. getting a feel now how can i make best use of the forum.

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