Polycurve trim?

I know there must be a simple answer to this, but I am having trouble trimming a list of polycurves.

Can polycurves be trimmed at all?

Hello Alex Ogata,

Trim works only for curves, logically it should work for Polycurve as well.

I have logged defect for the same for internal tracking. http://adsk-oss.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MAGN-8113

I will get back to you once it is fixed.



Hello Hello Alex Ogata,

Although Trim method on curve doesn’t work for Polycurve but you can use trim method on geometry.

Please see the below working example.




Thank you! this did the trick.

However… as usual, I’ve run into another problem

I have a list of polycurves (each polycurve made from 2 co-tangent arcs)

then I used the geometry trim as you kindly suggested to slice the polycurve list.

The slicing element slices the polycurve list so that some of the polycurves will have portions of the TWO original arcs and some will only have portions of ONE of the original arcs.

When I use the “Point At Parameter” node to create some points on the new polycurves, it seems to get confused (see image)… any ideas?Document1

Hi Alex,

This is a known limitation of polycurves. ( or a feature if you’d prefer :slight_smile: )

You could use “Curve.PointAtDistance” instead if you want to have your points at equal distances.