Hi, This will sound very basic…i want to trim lines, circle by parameter. the problem is i am having X,Y,Z coordinates of trimming point. How to convert that to double as trim by parameter request the input in Double.

and can anyone guide me how to control which side of that trimming point will be trimmed.

I recommend posting this under the Geometry category instead of Civil 3D. That will flag it for a wider range of people that are proficient with geometry operations.

trimCurve.dyn (14.7 KB)

Hi Vikram, Thanks for the reply and sample file.

i have tried as suggested but getting bellow error -
" Warning: Curve.TrimByStartParameter operation failed.
Param Trim Start Not Implemented ".

am i missing something ?

You’re attempting to trim a Polycurve.
Instead explode, trim the first curve and rejoin

trimPolyCurve.dyn (17.2 KB)

Thanks Vikram,

This indeed worked and solved the problem.

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