Can we trim 2 curves?

Hi guys,

am just wondering if we can trim 2 curves in dynamo?

I have a list of curves there are overlapping between some of these curves so I just want to trim the overlapped cures can we do that?

Did you try the trim command? You can control which side gets trimmed through the pick point:

You could also try the “LineLoop.Merge” from springs, but that node is more situational


Hi @Dimitar_Venkov thank you for replying,

your answer will work i think only with non-intersecting lines, i want a general case.
i have a list of lines and i want to trim only intersecting lines the main purpose of this is when i change these lines (curves) to polycurves am having a self intersecting error.
please find attached a revit file that contains 2d detail lines i just want to convert these line in dynamo to polycurves to offset them

TEST REBAR 2d.rvt (2.2 MB)
thank you