Trimming Lines or Curves by lines(Curves/Polylines...)


I want to know how to trim lines when the lines are cross the boundary.
And is it possible to keep parts of lines inside or outside of the boundary?
Please give me any suggestions.

Build a surface from the boundary limits using a Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves node, and a Surface.ByPatch node.

Use a Geometry.Intersect node where the first input is the new surface, and the second input is the list of all your curves.

Be sure to disable the geometry preview for the nodes which previously created geometry; otherwise they’ll show up on top of each other and you won’t see the difference.


or try this:

oh @JacobSmall 's method is easier, please use his method.


Thank you so much for your solution!
I spent a lot of time to figure out this myself yesterday…
Have a nice day!

Thanks! I tried both suggestions. Good to know more than just one!

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