Triangular Pattern


I was tying to model a triangular pattern. The base face is coming from revit.

I want to make this as a surface with openings inside each ones.
I tried to offset these curves but only offsetting the polygon not the inside triangles. At a later stage these openings can be parametric.

Many ThanksSurface Pattern_Triangular_2.dyn (29.8 KB)
Triangular pattern.rfa (740 KB)

as an advice, i think if you use the triangle as a adaptive component it will be better and more reliable

revit patten is created only to get that triagular grids. later stage i will do it in dynamo itself. Problem is I can’t offset these curves to make a surface

Hmm… So here’s my go, apologies for the mess I’m working at speed!

Surface Pattern_Triangular_MKA.dyn (51.2 KB)

As a tip, you can zoom in so you can read 1 node then hit the camera button on the top right to export all the graph as an image with readable nodes.

The key thing I think is to use the centre point to make a bunch of lines to split the surfaces (I made from the meshes) you’ll need Springs package as you’ll want to split recursively… Then it’s reasonably simple… My solution isn’t too elegant, I’m sure you can optimise.

Hope that helps,



Thank you Mark, it worked well. I will post the final image here once finished.


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