Voronoi issue with the model

I am trying to create a Voronoi on the surface but I found that the Voronoi curves started to get out the surface as the script in the photo.

and I do not know the reason for that. It is supposed to be on the boundary of the surface which you can see in that photo

As I am trying to create some ideas with the surface through divide the surface to some point then creating curves to create a pattern like that photo. Any suggestions

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Hi, @sherifabdelhalim1

There maybe something in this post that can help you, i was looking at your last picture

thanks a lot. it explains some ideas to create the strips pattern. I think that it is going be the seem method for the pattern script.

Curve.projectontosurface may help to keep the voronoi, but that pattern is very different from the one you showed. .

An option for the image above could be to use ‘Organic’ Nurbs control curves to create a surface. The use offsets / steps / unique section intersections to create a geometry or the control geometry for Revit Elements. :wink:

Is this the kind of effect you are after? Or is there a specific way in which the Voronoi needs to be incorporated?

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Thanks a lot for the help. I think that It will be similar to the pattern but I will try to adapt it to the surface. I am trying to create proposals to the pattern for the surface. one of them the Voronoi and the other that pattern.
Would I like to ask to share the script? I would like to check it :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can not see the script in the photo because of the quality of the photo.

thanks for your help. I will try that solution. regarding the photo, I know that it is completely different to the Voronoi pattern but I am making proposals to different types of patterns on the surface. one of the proposals like that photo and other like Voronoi pattern. thanks again

Here is an example of the method behind the creation process.
Hopefully you can use this as inspiration to create your forms. :grinning:
Using Plane Intersections with a Surface to create Organic Forms.dyn (21.9 KB)


Thanks a lot Ewan for sharing the file