Revit divide surface, Triangles, pattern alignment

Hi Everyone

I an trying to make a surface that will always be Planar, flat. the surface is divided into triangles. The Triangles dividing the surface will always be based on dividing the edges of the Triangle equally.

So. we have a flat surface, as long as it stays 3 pointed.
We can have two faceted surfaces next to each other, where the pattern can line up, as long as both triangles share an edge, and all side lengths are divided by the same number.

This i can do in revit, place 4 x ref points. spline between them (single lengths, 2 points at a time), select the ref lines of the edges and divide them.

Create a surface,

But now to divide the surface, i can snap ref lines, with 3D snapping to the divided points.

but the surface does not accept these even if i set the surface as the workplane before drawing the ref lines.

I have attached an image of what i need.

My reason for asking for help on this is that we have inherited a facade model that was created in Rhino. We no need to take ownership of this and need to do it in revit. We do not have Rhino users in our office. Dynamo can work, but i am do not know who to do this in dynamo.
I have also attached a small revit mass family up to where the problem happens.

Oh sorry, i am a new user and cannot upload images. this makes it harder to explain

But any help will be much appreciated.

I have uploaded a small file to drop box with an image. Here is the link

You can use Dropbox or similar, your question would gain to be illustrated