Transferring Views From A Revit Project To Another Project

Hi i am having a problem with transferring views. My team and I have done 50++ tenancy plans according to tenant lots inside the building in the project file but then our 3D model consultant needs to resend new project file since there are some detected clash that have been rectified. Since we have done individual floor plans, sections and elevations for each tenants (50++) inside the old project file to save time and effort we used dynamo to transfer the cropped views to the new project file(send by 3D model consultant), the scripts seems to look fine as it detected the views that i want to transfer from the old file and run without issues but the end node showing null and none of the detected views were transferred.

Hi @muhammadzhafir.07, try to use List.Level on your last node. It should be @L2.

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Hi @CVestesen i have inserted the List.Level node it helps but the last node only detect sections but not plan, reflected ceiling plan and elevations. Are there any workaround.

Oh, not on that node. On the “Springs.Doc.CopyFromLinkInstance” node :). That should be List.Level 2.

Hi @CVestesen sorry my bad. I’ve followed the tips and it return null on @L2 but detect only section view when i set to @L1.

Dynamo issue 9