Dynamo script only takes views from one level


For a project i want to get the views, including the crop regions, from the architectural model to my engineering model. I got the script working. There is only one problem. When I run the script it only takes the views from ground level. It ignores the other levels.

I got it working once with all levels. But I didn’t change anything to the script. And I can’t figure out what the problem is. This is my first time using dynamo so mayby I am missing something basic.

I used these packages
Select.GetDocuments from Archilab version 2022.212.3121
Element.GetFromLinkedFIle from Steamnodes version 1.2.4
CopyFromLinkInstance from Springs version 204.1.0

Excel with views I want to copy from the linked file to my project.


Hard to tell without the script, excel and revit file in hand, but it must have to do with lacing of one of your nodes.

  • Try to flatten the list out of your List.GetItemAtIndex
  • try and change the lacing fo the last node copyfromlink to Longest

Thank you for your reply. The suggested solutions don’t seem to work.

Down below the script and the excel. My rvt file is to big to upload.

Views.xlsx (16.6 KB)
View duplicate V5.dyn (35.0 KB)

provide a wetransfer link then. Because it will be tedious to reproduce the setup of your revit file. @wvandervelde
you could empty the 3D and purge it if privacy is a concern

900Mo :face_with_head_bandage:

it is the linked file right? @wvandervelde

Yes its a big file…
Yes this is the linked file. For the engineering file I used an empty project.

I tried it, got 23 views when set the copy node to longest
Using the bimorph nodes instead, I got 46 views out of 130

but using JOTools transfer single (10USD , totally worth it TransferSingle | Revit | Autodesk App Store) which handled the errors of the copy process for me I could copy pretty much everything

I had to copy the levels first as it was not able to copy the views due to the lack of certain levels
but then no pb

My guess, but I could not test it in dynamo (crashed):

  • adjust your script to just copy the levels if not available
  • run your regular script

or get yourself jotools, transfer the levels, then transfer the views you need

The solution is not always dynamo or coding :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the input and your Jean-Marc. I am gonna look into it.

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