Copy 3d view from one project to another

Is there any way to copy 3D view from one project to another.Say both projects are same but with different name.I tried to link one project to another and extracted the 3D views from linked file.Any help?.

@j.sunnyT6MVA try this node this is from the orchid package


Thanks.It worked.

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Hi Can you have a tutorial on this one?

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What do you want to know?

Thanks! I am new to Dynamo (like really new) and I am trying to figure out if theres a way I can copy 3D view from one project to another and upon searching through Google, Dynamo is the best way to go. So I want to know how to set up and what nodes should I put on the script.

Do you want to copy this from a link that is inside your model of from a revit file that is at your computer?

@teresa.corpuzHCLWJ this is a sample when you want to copy a view from a project on your computer:

copy element.dyn (15.5 KB)

Thank you so much! But the problem that I have now is that I can’t find the version of the Orchid package which results the node to be “unresolved”. I tried searching for another package and it is still “unresolved”. Do you have any alternative on that package?


@GavinCrump made a great video for that :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

When I try to replicate your graph, I am getting the error: “Warning: Collector.ElementsOfCategoryInDocument expects argument type(s) (Document, Category), but was called with (Orchid.RevitProject.Common.Document, Revit.Elements.Category).” on node Collector.ElementsOfCategoryInDocument, and it looks like document.BackgroundOpen is producing an empty result. Any ideas?

Can you place a watch after the orchid Document.BackgroundOpen node?
Looks like a empty value.

I did figure out it was pushing a blank, but that was because i was trying to open a model from an older version of revit. Updating the model to the current version and then saving out solved that issue, but the rhythm node issue remains.
Here’s an updated image of the workspace.

Edit: I just realized it says function for the open background node. It did not originally when i responded, but I closed and reopened the script to get a fresh run before posting an image. . .

Edit 2: If i change the beginning of the graph to an arhilab node select.getdocuments, the rhtythm node works, and pulls the list of views, but the orchid copy node does not. Kicks the error on document.copeelement node:
“Warning: Document.CopyElement expects argument type(s) (Document, Document, Element), but was called with (Autodesk.Revit.DB.Document, Revit.Application.Document, Revit.Elements.Views.FloorPlanView).”
Updated image:

Edit 3: I got the script to function, but it is not very elegant or user friendly. I’m hoping someone has some ideas. Final image to illustrate:

What if I want to copy multiple views, does that require a different methodology?

Yes, you can select more views and change the lacing of the last node to longest.
Search Data-Shapes in the forum when you want to use a User Input.