How to copy View Orientation from one project to Another Project

Hi all,

I’m trying to align some 3D views between multiple Revit files. I’ve set-up 3D view with desired angle in one file and thought it would be a simple process to retrieve it’s view orientation and set the orientation of the views in the other files (which are open in the background in the same instance of revit).

However I’m running into an issue; I can retrieve information from the background files but dynamo won’t set make the changes required to the views in those files:

Set View Orientation to View in another file.dyn (22.9 KB)

Any pointers will be much appreciated. I’m also open to non-dynamo solutions, if I’m missing knowledge of an in-built functionality somewhere (“copy view from file” doesn’t seem to work with 3D views)

I would look at the Eye Elevation and Target Elevation parameters of the Camera in a 3D view.

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The SetViewOrientation is working on the active document. This means it’s unable to commit a transaction on the documents you have opened in the background. You’ll need to find or write a version of that node or create some Python code which works on the other documents by providing a document input.