Transfer Calc Value to Tag Value Column

I am trying to take a calculated value i have in a schedule column and copy those values to another column in my schedule for the parameter “tag value”. I have read as many posts as i could find and i am close but my numbers are still off. Ideally i would like to be able to transfer the values without itemizing all instances, but i have tried with and without the box checked and still get missing values and values in the wrong row.

The schedule get calculated value node gets things in the order they appear on the schedule. The all elements of category node gets things in the order they were created. You have a few options:

  1. Remove the sort order and filters from your schedule so it lists things in created order. Could be done with a duplicated schedule.

  2. Do the calculation in dynamo instead of Revit.

  3. Sort the element list to match the schedule list.

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Thanks @JacobSmall I thought about the options you provided and i think letting dynamo do the calc is the best bet here. Im getting close to where i want it but im having one minor issue. Im using the multiply node and it is only multiplying my first row (of Total Length). how can i get it to mulitply List 0 by list 0, list 1 by list 1, etc.?

Looks like a list issue but it’s hard to tell with the smaller snippet of the graph. Can you export the entire graph for us?

Your lists don’t match up either. Your x input is a single list but your y input is a list of a list.

Isn’t the same question is asked here.

@bharlow1986 Do not ask questions more than once.

My b. After I posted the first it seemed like it should have been a new topic

Brian Harlow

Try using a flatten node before both inputs to the multiplication node