Custom schedule parameters

I am still VERY new to Dynamo. I’m sure something similar has been asked previously so if someone can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic. I have an Area schedule that I’m trying to put information from. One of the values that I’m trying to pull from the schedule is a calculated value created by dividing the SF with a value. I can extract all the other information from the schedule but the list from my calculated value does not appear to contain the information from the schedule.

Perhaps this is not possible? Most likely I’m simply not pulling the information correctly.

I can provide a screenshot if that would help.


Why not just make the calculation in Dynamo? :slight_smile:

Edit: or you should extract the schedule to excel with the calculated value included and then import the excel to Dynamo.


We’re on the same page. Originally my intent was to take it to Excel, update and re-import the data. However, after thinking further about it I decided I could just make the changes within Dynamo and update the schedule.

My issue is not the calculation. The schedule does that part. My issue comes from the fact that we have to supply the calculated value in a tag for code purposes. Revit does not allow the use of calculated values in tags and currently we have to manually copy the information form one value in Revit to the tag information. This should be right up Dynamos alley.

I think I found another approach with a node from Bimorphnodes that handles the schedule information better.

I was still curious why the custom parameter data was not being extracted to my list.

Ah I see. I thought there was a idea behind all this. :slight_smile: You could check if the calculated field is schedablefield? If it is false you know why couldn’t extract any data ;-).

Does the bimorph node solve your problem then?

The “123” is the calculated value. It should work :slight_smile:

The bimorph node did extract the data. Now I’m working on the list manipulation and how to push the data back to Revit.

This takes me back to my old Autolisp days.

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