Calculate total from many parameter in one schedule and apply to another schedule


I tried to pick up some total values from one schedule and put them into another schedule.

But I’m not sure where is my mistake when the values can’t come back as below image,


What does the error in the node say?

The node String.ToNumber is solve by List.Clean.
I changed all the codes as attached, but don’t understand why the values of Parameter not show on the Schedule,


@daotangluc Could you post your dyn, dummy revit file?

Yes, of course,

I want to create a schedule as below screenshot,
The hardest things are the total at the end.
So, I try to pick up the total value from calculate parameter, push again in AreaName, AreaSize, and use the Filter to show a summarize schedule below.

Test-20180608.dyn (48.5 KB)

@daotangluc revit file as well please

I don’t know why I can’t upload the revit file, it’s only 756KB, but when upload, be not allowed for over 3MB?

So please follow the link below:

Oh, I see. File on Dropbox nearly 4MB
How can I get a dummy revit file as your comments?

Thanks for your supports,

I tried another way to SetParameterByName, but have no idea why the Category have no elements, so the value can not be set in Field.,

Could someone give me some light in the midnight? It takes 3 days just to do a Total Schedule, really hurt! :smiley:

First things first, could you please use the List.clean node before the String.ToNumber node? That way you’ll eliminate one of the errors. Slily question now but do you have any generic models in your Revit file?

When I put the List.Clean before the String.ToNumber node, the list will also have null, so the Math.Sum will be error.

That is the key question :D. That’s right, all be done! I must create 4 Generic Models before run Dynamo.

Thank you so much!

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Did you ever get anywhere with this , I am looking I “think” at trying to do the same thing. Trying to push data from one schedule to another .