Traceback "No Id" Error Trying to Tag All Rooms in Specific Views?

When I try to run this script I keep getting this traceback error. I found a post that said this Genius Loci Tag node fixes that error, but I’ve had no success. What causes this error? It’s always the last node that is failing. I also tried the spatial element node with Orchid, and it just yielded nulls (and crashed a few times…).

The traceback is saying that the object has no Id. This is in Revit 2021, Dynamo 2.6

Tried flattening my input lists, and I still get errors, this time, “ToXyz”


Could you show us the outputs from the nodes going into the create tag node?



Sure thing:


Add a Flatten node after All Elements of Category+ and after Room.Location nodes

I replicated your issues…


Then I threw in 1 room pruned out unplaced rooms which were giving nulls in the location and then it worked :slight_smile:


Then I plugged back in all the rooms, and it didn’t work.

Then I tried running with each room in a sub list and each set of rooms and locations in a matching sub list and running at level 2, also no luck.

I’ll let Alban take over from here :smiley:


After implementing that, I get this error:

Any ideas? I’m stuck for now…

Please show us all the previews under the inputs of the Create Tag node.

There are some nulls but even when I tried cleaning the list of nulls I got the same error.

As Mark had pointed out, you have to filter out the unplaced rooms. (with a List.FilterByBoolMask for example)
You can’t tag them.

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I did that a different way before, but decided to try a new node that will only collect placed rooms and it worked! Thanks everyone!


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