Tag all rooms on multiple views

Hi all

i am currently working on a large project, where I am going to create a lot of new views, where I need to tag all rooms in these views.
At the moment I am using Revit’s “tag all not tagged command”, on one view, then switch to the next, and then again… and again… and again…

Please tell me, that it is possible to tag all rooms on multiple views with Dynamo…? so I can do it all at once…?

Hi @bjkris,

Yes it’s possible of course.
Here is an example :


hi there @Alban_de_Chasteigner

I hae tried to recreate your Graph, but at, “Element.getlocation” I get the error message “Warning: Element.Getlocation operation failed. The Location of the strctural element is not a valid curve”?
Why is this, I get all the coordinates?

Here is the full graph:

If you collect your 3400 locations of rooms, the warning isn’t an issue.

Change Link Doc by Link Instance in your graph.
The Create tag node works with Revit LinkInstance.

any body can help me i try this for assign room tags result is coming but in the drawing its not showing
what is the reason

I used the exact same script but i get an empty list with the “SelectbyCategory in Document” node. Do anyone know why it does that? do i have to use another node/modify something? Thanks !


@bim03YK6U2 Can you show the complete Graph please, then it’s easier to tell whats wrong.

You can try this, it contains the “Archilab”, “Rhythm” and “BimoprhNodes” packages