Tagging with Create Independent Tag

Hello there, I am fairly new to Dynamo so please excuse my ignorance. I am trying to use the Create Independent Tag, and I am getting the error “StackValue” object has no attribute “Id”

I am not sure what in my .dyn is causing the error. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @endi.tollkuci,

You are missing the Document.Current node before the Document.ActiveView node.
When a node is completely light gray, an input is missing.


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^ What he says

Well that makes me feel silly!

Thanks for bearing with me here.


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Keep asking questions here even when the answers are obvious. It’s the best way to learn from these professionals!


in the new version of create independent tag the output contains nothing but nulls…
@Alban_de_Chasteigner could you tell me what you have changed since the update?
maybe im doing stuff wrong.

my goal is to do multiple views at once…

thanks in advance.

Hi Chris,
Are you tagging linked elements ?
Are the tags created ?

Hi Alban,

No im not tagging linked elements.
Im tagging elements hosted in my revit file.
No tags are created unfortunately…
see image below, i also tried it without element chop

You’re using an archilab node.
If you’re working with Revit 2018 or later, use the Create Independent Tag node.
(With my node, don’t chop your lists and use a single tag family type.)

Hello Alban,

indeed that was a Archi-lab node ( was testing a bunch of nodes)
unfortunately youre node also issnt working since the last update…
see screenshot below:

It is working well for me: :
What categories do you want to tag?

or :
Tag walls in all views 2


the categories i want to tag is:

i have tried the same setup like you above, on windows. but unfortunatly no results…

Sir i am trying to tag room of linked revit in all views but it doesn’t work do you have a method of doing that

You missed the essential linkinstance input. Simply connect the link instance output of the Select.GetDocument to this input.

it works many thanks