Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a ‘holed’ surface using this node by specifying an external point of the cutting object, but it doesn’t produce the desired surface. What am I doing wrong?
If I specify an internal point, it cuts out the small inner surface.


I’m guessing that the last input “keepLocation” is expecting something other than a point.

I guess it needs a point.

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What is being provided for the cropping objects?

If I connect the point inside the polyline to the node, it works correctly, it cuts out the small piece of the surface. But if I connect the outer point, it does not return the large “hole” surface.

I’m having a hard time understanding which is which - can you post a small sample data set and the DYN with a ‘if’ node to trigger the working and not working dataset?

1.dyn (30.5 KB)
sample.dwg (3.1 MB)

I needed this surface. I think you can’t use TinSurfaceExtension.Crop for this, or I coudn’t find it out how. The node you have to use for this kind of task is Surface.AddBoundary i guess.


I think this is the node that you’re looking for (add boundary). Crop only creates a smaller section of the surface. That said, I’m not sure why the keep location input is included, maybe I’m wrong.