Thicken surface and importing geometries


I am creating a path/road thingy following topo. I managed to create a surface on the topo using a closed model line loop and intersecting it with the topography surface. But then I encounter 2 problems:

  1. Thickening the surface is impossible with thickness bigger than 0,05m. This one I suppose is specific to the geometry i use and maybe i will rationalize the path later.

  2. Using ImportInstance.ByGeometries both on the surface and the solid are giving me closed box of geometry which falls apart after exloding.

Any ideas how to get it done are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:2_path 3_path 1_path


Explode for surfaces and solids only works in the family environment(generic family, conceptual mass) where if successful, they’ll be turned into form objects. Form objects can’t exist in project documents.

I guess one possible work flow might be to record the points to an excel/csv file, start a new family and dynamo instance, recreate the surface from the file, attempt to explode it and if successful, load the family into the project.

There’s also the alternative to model a floor with the contour of your model lines and then apply the resulting points to that floor element with the “RoofOrFloor.SlabShapeByPoints” node, which can be found in the excellent Clockwork package.

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Thanks, Dimitar

I tried “RoofOrFloor.SlabShapeByPoints” it works perfectly and its resembles the technique i used before dynamo.
I’ll try exporting/importing the points to mass if I really need a smooth geometry.