How to make solid from bif amount of points?

Hi. I’m new at Dynamo. Also sorry for my English )

I have points. I need to make surface and specify the thickness. I tried to make it as a mesh through the topology. But I can’t “extrude” mesh. Tried to make surface by perimetr points, it made thick element. But i need to make it from big amount of points, not from 4.

I need to get smth like this: solid with rough top surface and flat others. This picture, as you see, I made with topo in Revit. But i need to get its volume. Maybe someone can give me some advices?


There was a similar discussion not long ago:

You could try a similar approach for your topo surface:

Can’t find “Topography.ToPolySurface”. Maybe you have another version? I have 0.9

Andrei - Its in the spring nodes package.