Dynamo geometry to revit environment

hi folks,

haven´t found it yet. In 0.6.3 you have the “Bake Solid as Revit Element” -node, is there something similar in 0.7?

How to bring dynamo geometry to revit?

The only node i found is the “importinstance” -node, it brings in geometry but you are not able to do further geometric modifications.



Import instances in any Family environment can be turned into manually editable elements in Revit by selecting and “Exploding” these to manually editable FreeForm Elements.

Hi - Tried the explode within Family environment also :frowning:

Error is “3D data / points can’t be exploded; Only 2D data can be exploded…”

<span style=“line-height: 1.5em;”>What am I doing wrong? File I have is a surface generated by 2 arcs.</span>

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Query 2:

<span style=“line-height: 1.5em;”>If I create Ref curve by curve, I get the two arcs; and then create the surface in Revit but when I recreate the arcs in Dynamo, the surface disappears - is it that the element IDs get changed so the surface loses its </span><span style=“line-height: 1.5em;”>association to the Ref curves</span><span style=“line-height: 1.5em;”> ?</span>

What would be the recommended Workflow to manage a situation like this?


R. Chandrasekar.

Ah, sorry, you can only explode to freeform element if you have a SOLID . . .you are working with a surface. You can thicken the surface before importing, then explode


You can make some surfaces directly as Revit elements using Form.ByLoftCrossSections, but the creation methods are a little limited and they need to be created by first making Model Curve or Reference Curves.

Thanks for that tip - to use thicken for creating SOLID from a surface.

I tried that Form.byLoftCrossSections (which is how I ended up creating Ref Model curves, as direct Revit curves). Agree that the tools to create direct Revit objects are a bit limited :frowning: Maybe only as of now…

Anyways, Zach, Thanks a lot for the reply.

Can you also answer my other query? Can a object be created by the Dynamo code initially & then modified (say, use divide surface with pattern & some adaptive paneling) such that if the code is run again & the surface is recreated; still the work done in Revit “adapts” to the changes? Something like the BuildingMaker tools do (“Update to face”)? Is this a possible workflow or the approach needs to be relooked at? What would you recommend?


R. Chandrasekar.

You can use dynamo definitions to control parameters that could be hooked up to reference planes that control the framework of the solid geometry. So YES the divided surface created from the dynamo controlled geometry will update when dynamo updates. You could have something as simple as 4 reference points driven by Dynamo and the rest of the Revit stuff (i.e. reference lines (use spline by points) > solid geometry > divided surface > curtain panel pattern based > etc.) change and adapt as you control the underlying reference points from Dynamo.

Check out Zach’s Youtube videos about Adaptive Components if you are still wondering about the Revit side of things:


Hi all,

I’ve been having a similar issue as Chandrasekar, however surface I’m using has come Rhino using Rhynamo to import.

I’ve tried thickening the surface but this doesn’t seem to make any difference, I still get the ‘3D data / points can’t be exploded; Only 2D data can be exploded…’

The surface I’m using is a Brep, but I’ve also tried untrimming in Rhino to make it an ordinary Nurbs surface but this hasn’t had an effect.

What I’m looking to do is take the Rhino surface , use the divide surface tool and then apply curtain panelling.

Is it possible the geometry of the surface is too complex?