Floor and Roof.SlabShapeByPoints

Hi!I am trying to use the Clockwork`s Floor.SlabShapeByPoints. Can someone tell me how it works? I have a floor and 2 points as input but nothing happends. Can i use it to create complex polygonal roofs by importing their points? And as a side note, there is also Roof.SlabShapeByPoints but i dont know how to create roofs in dynamo.

Tried again with an easier example i found on youtube. The points come from the subregion of the toposurface which is a projection of the slab.

This time Dynamo its just freezing. I am doing something wrong? Thanks!

Ok i think i made it work and i noticed some strange behaviors. First of all my fault i didnt realize that the points cannot be outside the perimeter of the slab outline. But there are some issues that i noticed. First is that it only worked when i switched dynamo to manual update. On automatic update it either freezes or gives it null. Then the second thing is that sometimes it resets the slab position to the default shape unless i do some change in Revit environment and then the new shape is re-created on manual update. Another thing is that in Revit the floor/roofs are not automaticaly triangulated even if 4 points of a face are on different planes. It would be nice if this was possible in dynamo too.