The Trouble with Area Scheduling

Hey all



GFA - void continuous elements like atria and elevator shafts out of a mass

Leasable/non-leasable area

Hey all

Looking for a silver (or silver-ish) bullet for area scheduling and I think there might be some clever ways to do it via Dynamo

GFA is easy - it can be calculated out of Grasshopper or by using mass floors in Revit and there’s little complexity to negating continuous vertical voids like atria or core shafts.

However, summing leasable vs. non-leasable area is tricky. Relying on floor slabs is dangerous as they do not necessarily extend to the outermost face of a building envelope. Relying on Revit Room Boundaries requires a global model decision regarding the room boundary perimeters orientation to the room walls (inner, outer, CL) when in fact this needs to be localized depending on whether the wall is exterior, demising, or facing a corridor, among other scenarios. Using Area Boundaries means you’ve succumbed to manual labor.

It would seem that Dynamo would be capable of considering walls, room boundaries, and wall types simultaneously to creatively automate this process. For instance, a Shared Parameter could be created for Revit Wall Types that could allow the user to designate whether the wall is exterior, demising, or corridor-facing and then this designation would determine the reconfiguration of the Room Boundary polyline.

I’m sure this is a common bellyache so I’d appreciate anyone’s advice/experience in this area (pun intended). If I hack something together I’ll post it here.