Wall Membranes/ Category node and workflow for Areas


I recently found myself changing area boundaries on too many occasions and I was brainstorming with co-workers some way to use Dynamo to make this process easier. To be able to pick certain rooms in a project and have their area boundary snap to a membrane layer created within the wall assembly. I’m not sure how to translate materials from walls as geometry so I discarded this process…and for some reason the Categories-Wall Membrane layers does not work when attempting to access them through All elements of category, all I get is an empty list.

I figured I’d try Element.Location once I had all the membrane layers and then grab the curves so I can study this process. Any ideas why this node does not return anything? Is it a bug?


i don’t know if this is a too opportunistic appoach.

-take the walls placement curve
-get the normal from it
-see if it inersects with the wall layer interior or exterior
-determine the distance from the placement line to the layer you are after
-create your boundary there
-remember the relation between ROOM boundaries and area boundaries that is not there


You could also use some clockwork magic and a repurposing of some code I posted awhile back here:

I would prefer using actual faces of material (IE face of core) than adding an imaginary material to the assembly, but it’s a good idea. Let us know how you finish up!


This is a gift from the heavens

Nah just a helpful nudge from your friendly neighborhood dynamo guy!


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