Any Packages for NIA/GEA/GIA calculation?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a 60-level residential tower and just run into an exercise where I need to calculate NIA (Net Internal Area) and GEA (Gross External Area) . Any ideas as to how to approach it?

Interesting… I would love for this to be possible, maybe someone has a genius plan…

But for me, I guess part of the reason Revit has a built in system for creating area boundaries from walls only… Is that it is perhaps most of the distance automation can take you?

Obviously Dynamo has the same capacity… Perhaps you can filter the walls to narrow it down a bit further and get more control over whether it is the internal or external edge and re-run it automatically… But there will always need quite a lot of human judgement close it out… In the UK there is a whole document by the RICS defining quite how you measure these things…

But hopefully you will find a great way, please post back with your progress!



Useful nodes off the top of my head…

Wall Location Line (clockwork)
Area Separator From Curve (clockwork)
Area Plan (Springs)

Along with the usual,get all elements in view, Boolean filter, parameter value by name…