The library's gone

Looks like you have a conflicting version of CEF in one of your addins or packages, though I can’t translate your log so I can’t directly confirm. Try removing all Revit add-ins to see which is in conflict. Updating your Dynamo packages may also fix the issue.

REVIT2018.3 update like this? Or Link to one? Thank you very much. English is not my first language

Any Revit can have this if you use a Revit add-in which loads a version of CEF other than that used by Dynamo.

You may want to submit a formal ticket to the Revit support people - this type of activity should be covered (though you may have to upgrade to a supported version - 2018 is outside the window, and we are 1 month into 2022).

But I’m stuck with the 2018 version. I don’t have a choice

Being ‘stuck’ in an unsupported version is always a choice, one which is often not at the level of the Revit users, but it is always a choice. It’s highly unlikely that the people who have made that choice are aware of the impact this can have on the larger team, so I recommend informing them as you go.

As for the current issue: disabling your Revit add-ins, removing all packages, and reaching out to Autodesk support are each an option which should be in your control.

It happened to me a few times also (2021) but restarting Revit was enough to fix it.