Revit 2022 Dynamo has detected a conflict with a dependency and may be unstable

this error message appear because it has a problem with one of my plugin. how can i identify which one from the plugin is the problematic?

list of my plugins:

dynamo version

revit version

Hi @ROSIE_SG this particular conflict (RestSharp) does not cause any known problems and should be aligned to the same version in later releases.

The notification message indicates what assemblies could be causing it:
Autodesk.Forge, GregRevitAUth,Greg and DynamoPackages, these are all adsk assemblies, so none of your plugins.

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i didn’t understand exactly what should i do. do i need to update something? if yes how?

I believe that @Michael_Kirschner2 is indicating that unless something is not working in Dynamo, you can ignore this one. If you have an issues beyond this notification, please post it here.

For easier identification of add-in conflicts:

  1. Restart your CPU
  2. Start Revit
  3. Close Revit (don’t even open a project)
  4. Open the journal from this session
  5. Search the journal for API_ERROR
  6. Disable all Revit add-ins (this may include some not caught by add-in manager tools)
  7. Start Revit
  8. Close Revit
  9. Open the journal from this session
  10. Search for API_ERROR
  11. Any API_ERROR lines present in the first journal which were not present in the second journal could be causing issues with Dynamo, other add-ins, or Revit. Disable/Remove/Update add-ins as needed to resolve performance issues,

Hi @ROSIE_SG, did you ever find a solution to this? I am having the same issue in Revit 2022 with the same Dynamo version as you and Dynamo is very unstable and unusable

Jacob’s suggested steps are the way to troubleshoot this. It’s nearly always caused by an addin, most likely one that is free or not well maintained to cooperate with dynamo/other addins if that helps identify the likely culprits.

I always found Dynamo in Revit 2022 a bit slower and less stable than 2020 and 2023 (just by how it feels, not confirmed), so it also just might generally be that. Reduce the number of packages you use if possible and try to stick to well known/maintained ones as well to avoid package conflicts and too many nodes having to be loaded/searched through as well.

Yes it seems very unstable. I have disabled all of my addins and still get the same errors. When I open a any graph it is either blank or just the connections show with no nodes and if I try to place a node Dynamo completely freezes

At that point I’d be looking into graphics drivers/updates and machine specs vs recommended. Also if windows 11 is involved i hear that throws some programs for a 6 sometimes.

Dynamo 2022 definitely works OK on most machines I’ve used it on, so sounds anomalous.

Can you post the journals where all the Revit add-ins are disabled?

I am too new to upload files but here is a snip of the API errors if that’s helpful