Looking for dynamo teacher

Hi there,

I’m an architect. I’m an experienced Revit user and I also have experience in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

I want to develop a construction project in Dynamo/Revit which I want to be fully parametrical.

I’m looking for a talented Dynamo user that can show me around and teach me stuff that I can use.

Looking for a set of hours to get started and we’ll see how it goes.

Looking forward to hear from you, many thanks



Hi Antonio,

Whilst I’m currently quite preoccupied with consulting work to probably be able to help hands on, my channel might be of assistance in exploring some workflows and realising potential parallels between Grasshopper logic and Dynamo - as well as how you may be able to apply it.

I would suggest giving the Dynamo primer a read and exploring some of the example files just to at least get your head around the basics, as without these it is difficult to learn project specific applications. Most people that fail to master Dynamo focus too much on the results over the method, make sure you pursue the latter first!


This! Just about every time there is a ‘oh I didn’t know that’ which kept a seasoned user from developing further it winds up being that they didn’t learn the methods but focused on the results. Skip nothing in the primer, even if you won’t ever need to achieve the result. ‘I only deal with interiors so I skipped the bit on laying out roof panels.’ ‘Ah, well you also skipped the part about working with complex list structure as a result.’

It’s the journey not the destination.